During this

During this It was not possible to me to dismiss this vision in any way, and, having decided to follow the intuition, I collected a handbag and already went to a door.

During this moment the client called.

Susan wanted to meet immediately me and suggested to meet in.

Starbakse! What strange synchronism thought I.

And before to leave the house, I wanted to check, whether is not present at angels of any special message to me.

Diary record from March , still before conception Dear Angelhranitel, what I need to know in this regard intuition manifestation I pulled out cards the nature, the answer to a prayer and new love.

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Montessori Teacheradult only helps it.

He createsorder in those things which are necessary for developmentthe child and them there is a lot of.

All these cups, , sponges and brushes, and alsosticks and cubes, beads and , cardsand boxes if to put them in a disorder, canto cause feeling of powerlessness before obvious chaos.

Montessori suggested to have them in compliancewith a certain strict logic, and kids from the firstday in a class to accustom to support the establishedorder.

Not only and not so much because itadults want it is simply so more convenient to children.

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All this can achieve

All this can achieve All this can achieve in to game.

Besides the interesting game plot based on practical experience the child, in logopedic games special working methods are used pauses in speeches of the teacher, use of gestures, dogovarivaniye child of words and phrases, etc.

Except the aforesaid it is necessary to take into consideration some features children with speech violations increased fatigue, a carelessness are possible etc.

Communication development and cooperation with the adult Development of emotional communication with the adult Before starting actually classes in speech development, it is necessary to come into emotional contact to the child.

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Meanwhile And after all achievements let the smallest, that the child can, should stop attention of the teacher first of all.

Supervision over with what and as the child consults, should serve key to the solution of the next problem to prompt as how to do further.

A hopeless case, not trainee the child it did not govern, it exception.

I think, very rare.

Meanwhile continually we hear this word.

Apparently, trained is the child which training should not make problems to deliver troubles and to demand from the teacher of the excessive efforts.

To him explained he understood.

Here it is the trainee.

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The understanding

The understanding During jumps accustom to land easily, smoothly, bending feet, during driving of balls, balls vigorously to push away subjects in the necessary direction, etc.

Children with pleasure reproduce separate exercises if previously the adult showed them and explained.

It is important to cause activity of children, desire to practice, seize movement.

The understanding of a task, availability of movements cause the positive emotional reactions increasing efficiency of occupations.

Children of years can acquire separate components of the difficult movements, some initial poses, intermediate and final positions of hands, feet, the head and all body.

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